Services at Nelson Family Medicine.

Full Services

Nelson Family Medicine offer all the services you expect of a practising health professional in New Zealand.

Below is a list of a list of the health and medical services we have available for registered patients between 8-30am and 5-30pm on weekdays. 

Ante-natal care
Aviation medicals
Cervical screening
Contraceptive implants
Immigration medicals - NZ & Australian
Infant and toddler immunisations
NZ maritime medicals

Medicals (general) - driving, diving etc
Minor surgery
Occupational health
Sexual health
Sports medicine
Spot checks: Melanoma & general skin checks
Travel medicine & vaccinations (inc. Yellow Fever)

Download a full list of Nelson Family Medicine Services

Online Services at Nelson Family Medicine

Nelson Family Medicine is pleased to offer our enrolled patients online access through a patient portal. Our portal is provided by ConnectMed.

Currently you can use the portal to book a standard (15 minute) doctor's appointment online and order repeat prescriptions. All you need for this is a current ConnectMed account. We also offer the ability to view your test results securely online. A list of regular medication and the dosage is also visible, making it even easier to request repeat prescriptions online. Because this is all confidential information your account must be enabled by a staff member at Nelson Family Medicine. Ask your doctor or nurse to do this for you.

Our plan is to add other online services  in stages. Each service will be successfully implemented before we add a further service.  We can understand the point of view of patients frustrated by our cautious approach. However this technology allows access to the most sensitive personal information, so we have to be certain our system and processes are faultless. At this stage we do not envisage patients being able to access their whole medical record through the portal, although we do envisage access to important parts of it in due course e.g recorded allergies, medication lists, chronic condition lists and screening recalls. We may also provide non-urgent email consultations with a doctor or nurse in the future.

We think the portal will be convenient for patients and will allow patients greater involvement in their care. If you have any questions or concerns about the portal contact

Make Booking Online

Request Prescription Online  

Immigration Medicals

Nelson Family Medicine is one of the clinics in the Panel Physicians Network which offers medical examinations for Immigration New Zealand and Immigration Australia.

For more detailed information on Immigration Medicals click here.