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Welcome to Nelson Family Medicine

Please be patient with our staff

At the moment we have an unusually high demand for our services, coupled with staff shortages. We request you please be patient with our staff and they will help you as quickly and efficiently as they can.

Thank you.

We are able to take new enrolments

Right now Nelson Family Medicine have opened their books and are in a position to take on new patients and enrolments.

Below is a link to a PDF of our full Enrolment Pack, this contains the forms to be completed to register with us and all relevant and helpful information regarding your registration process.  

Enrol online with IntelliMed

If you prefer you can enrol as a patient at Nelson Family Medicine using the online system from IntelliMed. Just click the button below to begin the process online. 

Well NZ is our new online system

Small version of Well NZ logo used by Nelson Family Medicine for online services.

At Nelson Family Medicine we’ve recently changed our online portal to Well NZ. This online system is from Centrik and is very popular due to how easy it is to use, while still offering our full range of expected services online. We believe that Well NZ is the best and easiest way to modernise your healthcare experience with us.

Existing patients are invited to use the button below to register online. Or if you prefer, you can download the Well NZ app from the App store or Google Play. Whichever method you choose you will need to enter Nelson Family Medicine’s Invite code, this is NFMEDI and then just follow onscreen directions. 

Code is NFMEDI

Contact phone numbers

In an emergency dial 111

General Practice

03 548 0918
03 546 8911

Urgent after hours care

03 546 8881


03 546 7128

Opening Hours: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm weekdays.

COVID19: All the latest updates are NOW on one page

With Covid still being around, and we have been warned that the peak may be quite broad and the tail quite long, so although we now have some freedom the virus will be with us for some time yet. We still need to wear masks at the Practice but overall the community and medical services are coping very well.

With all the interest and regular updates we have decided to put all our latest information regarding Covid19 onto a new page. Simply click the button below to visit this page. 

Services offered by Nelson Family Medicine

Nelson Family Medicine offers a comprehensive range of professional medical and health services to patients.

For more information about our Services use the button below.

Cornerstone accredited general practice

Cornerstone Practice

The Cornerstone brandmark assures you that Nelson Family Medicine continues to meet the highest-available standard of General Practice accreditation.

Nelson Family Medicine recognises that New Zealand now has a superdiverse population. We welcome all: religions,cultures,ethnicities,sexual orientations, gender identifications and social circumstances. Naumai Haere Mai.

Caring professionals that make the difference.

Further information

For more detailed information on the website you can use the following links to visit Nelson Family Medicine Disclaimer or Privacy Policy pages.

Visit Nelson Family Medicine’s full Terms of Trade page.