Nelson Family Medicine is a General Practice in the heart of Nelson city.

Contact phone numbers

In an emergency dial 111.


Urgent after hours care 03 546 8881.

      General Practice 03 548 0918                                     03 546 8911
                            Fax  03 546 7128


Opening Hours

8.30 am to 5.00 pm weekdays. 

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Enrolled patients can make standard (15 mins) doctor's appointments online through our patient portal Manage My Health. Please phone us if you can't find the appointment time you need.

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Enrolled patients can also make requests for prescriptions online.

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COVID19: What you need to know

2020 – the year of Covid is over, but the work's only just begun. We have all adapted to our new lifestyles, interrupted by isolated community cases or more serious community clusters and the fluctuations between levels throughout New Zealand. The border remains a risk, but we are constantly learning and improving on measures to minimise this.

The most important job for the team of 5 million right now is to record our contacts with the contact tracing app and/or own records. 

Nelson Family Medicine as of 03/03/21:

Covid vaccination has already begun, and is being rolled out in three stages.
The first stage is immunisation of all border workers and their contacts. This is being done by a dedicated unit who have the facilities to administer the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine which requires storage at low temperatures. The next stage is immunisation of all frontline health workers. This has not started but preparations are underway. The final stage is immunisation of the general population by general practice staff, starting with anyone at higher risk. This will not start here any earlier than July. Priority was given to countries with high rates of transmission. Fortunately this is NZ, and we benefit from having data on the safety and efficacy of the millions of doses given so far.
Vaccination is free for all New Zealanders and we strongly recommend it. If you have doubts or questions talk to our doctors and nurses.

You are still welcome to book phone consultations if you prefer, and don’t need a physical examination. You just can’t book them online yet. Hopefully soon. 

People may be worried about their business, job, family, finances, health, or missing people they are unable to be with. People are affected in all sorts of ways by this so remember to STAY KIND. 

Our receptionists still have to ask a lot of Covid screening questions when you make an appointment. We realise this can be tedious, but it is the best way of protecting everyone, so please be patient. 

We are now providing Covid tests at the surgery because the Community Testing Centres have closed. Phone to book or talk to a nurse about whether you need one. 

Continue to use all the infection prevention tricks as appropriate. Remember you are protecting yourself from more than just Covid : Wash hands or using sanitiser. Cough into the crook of your elbow and stay home if you are sick. Wear a mask. Use social distancing. Keep yourself healthy with a healthy lifestyle. 

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Nelson Family Medicine offers a comprehensive range of professional medical and health services to patients.

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