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Nelson Family Medicine practice hours

Monday - Friday : 8:30am - 5:00pm.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings there is an 8.00am clinic.

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  • Urgent after hours appointments

    Please call 03 546 8881 if you require an urgent after hours appointment or go directly to the Medical and Injury Centre - the orange building next to the Emergency Department, at Nelson Hospital,  98 Waimea Road.

  • Urgent same day appointments

    If you are acutely unwell, please ring the surgery and ask to speak to the nurse who will make arrangements. We reserve a small number of same day appointments for patients who become unwell on the day.

    Please contact us by telephone on 03 548 0918 if you require an urgent same day appointment.

  • Non-urgent and routine appointments

    You can contact us by telephone on 03 548 0918 if you require a nurse's appointment or a non-standard appointment such as a medical.

  • Please ask if you would like a chaperone. You may bring a support person to your appointment. You can request a male or female doctor

  • Enrolled patients can now make appointments online for standard 15 minute doctor's appointments

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Information about appointments

Standard appointments are scheduled for 15 minute intervals. It is usually only possible to deal with one problem in that time. If you think you will need longer please remember to book a longer appointment. Double appointments may be booked online. While a double appointment may be more expensive, it is often better to give problems the time they need.

For long term medical problems it is helpful if you book at least 2-3 days ahead. We make every effort to run to time but on occasions unexpected emergencies or a consultation running over time will cause delays. Let the receptionist know if you are unable to wait.