Covid19 updates

What you need to know as of 31/07/23

Covid is still around the Nelson region and it looks like we will be dealing with this virus for awhile to come. With this in mind we’d like to remind you that masks are mandatory and MUST be worn if you are visiting Nelson Family Medicine. We know that the tail of Covid is going to be quite long, and the cases of ‘Long Covid’ are also on the increase.  Overall the local community and medical services are coping very well.

Please make sure to register a positive test result on There is an online form that helps identify any help you may need. You will also receive helpful information about what a positive test means for you. Some people have had trouble with this, but by now any wrinkles are probably ironed out. 

However if you have problems there is excellent real person support on 0800 222 478, or you can always call us and talk to one of our Nurses.

Please remember to isolate if you test positive, but the rest of the household doesn’t need to. 

Stay kind and remember to think of friends, family and neighbours who are sick and isolating. Please offer help where ever you can.

Here are some useful links for this: