Covid19 updates

What you need to know as of 16/12/23

Nelson Family Medicine wish you and your whanau a ‘Meri Kirihimete & Happy & Safe New Year’.

During the festive and holiday periods it is worth noting that Covid is still around in the Nelson, Tasman region. With large crowds of festive groups and social gatherings whether to wear a mask or not remains an individuals choice, so please remember to respect this. Whatever your personal decision we hope you have a wonderful and restful Christmas and New Year. If you are visiting us at Nelson Family Medicine on Collingwood Street and you have some form of respiratory infection we’d appreciate it if you wore a mask to your appointment. 

We know Covid seems to have become a part of everyday life in 2023, the ‘new normal’ continues to see the Tail remain quite long, and  the cases of ‘Long Covid’ are still on the rise. Given this situation it’s worth noting that our local community and Medical Services are dealing with the situation very well, it is up to everyone to assist in however they can to ensure this continues to be the case going into the New Year.

Please make sure to register a positive test result on There is an online form that helps identify any help you may need. You will also receive helpful information about what a positive test means for you. Some people have had trouble with this, but by now any wrinkles are probably ironed out.

However if you have problems there is excellent real person support on 0800 222 478, or you can always call us and talk to one of our Nurses.

Please remember to isolate if you test positive, but the rest of the household doesn’t need to. 

Stay kind and remember to think of friends, family and neighbours who are sick and isolating. Please offer help where ever you can. Merry Christmas & a Happy New year from all at Nelson Family Medicine.

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