Services at Nelson Family Medicine.

Immigration Medicals

Nelson Family Medicine is one of the clinics in the Panel Physicians Network which offers medical examinations for Immigration New Zealand. 

For more detailed information on Immigration Medicals visit our page. 

Specialist Health Services

We consider ourselves open minded and progressive when it comes to finding solutions for our patients health issues and overall wellbeing. We are proud to be associated with the following specialists whose expertise covers a wide range of health related fields.

Full Services

Nelson Family Medicine offer all the services you expect of a practising health professional in New Zealand.

Below is a list of a list of the health and medical services we have available for registered patients between 8-30am and 5-30pm on weekdays. 

Online Services at Nelson Family Medicine

Manage My Health brand 2021
Nelson Family Medicine offers our enrolled patients access to parts of their medical record and some online services through a patient portal. You can visit this portal here Manage my Health (MMH). MMH is accessed through their website or via an app on your phone.
Online Services:
  • Make a booking. Standard (15 minute) doctor’s appointments can be made online at any time of the day or night. Same day, nurse appointments or specialised appointments such as immigration or other medicals can only be made by phoning the practice in business hours.  If you are enrolled with us but don’t have an MMH account you can make a booking by pressing a green button you will find on our home page.
  • Order Repeat Prescriptions: you will be advised via email or text when your script has been processed and the medication is ready for pick up. The standard urgent or non-urgent script fee is charged.
The portal also allows you to view securely online your:
  • Test results. You can see the results plus the Abnormal results will still be followed up by your doctor.
  • Recalls. Recall texts and letters will still be sent.
  • Immunisation record.
  • Medical Alerts.
  • Regular medication list.
  • Demographic Information. You will be able to keep this up to date making any changes to your address etc.
It costs nothing to set up a MMH account. Ask at the surgery or email if you would like an account. Sharon Brinsdon is the manager with responsibility for the patient portal.  Please address any comments questions or concerns to her. Email address is Karenne and Julie-Anne are admin staff with responsibility for the portal and they can also help with any problems. Manage my Health has its own Online Support Desk which you can email here.

Other Services and Resources

Nelson Family Medicine realise that valid and correct information is very helpful in times of illness, also a support network who can assist is invaluable at these times. The websites and phone numbers below are just some useful and proven contacts available in New Zealand and overseas. Websites with a * are sponsored and access from your mobile device is free.

There are also many helpful apps and the Health Navigator website below has a page dedicated to reviewing and recommending health related apps. Feel free to contact us to recommend anything you find particularly helpful. 

Helpful Health Websites


The BEST, most comprehensive website for New Zealand general health information. Constantly updated.


Ministry of Health website. Wide range of official information.


Information and resources to help with depression and anxiety.


Information and resources to help with depression and anxiety, specifically aimed at younger people.


Support and information for those affected by gambling.


Help and resources to manage mental health.


Official Mental Health Foundation website.


Official website for Plunket, Aotearoa’s largest support service for children and their whānau.


Information and support for those who want to stop smoking.


Digital tools to help improve well-being.


Online cognitive behavioural therapy for mild to moderate anxiety and depression.


Tailored app to improve maternal well-being for busy mothers.

Information and resources about injury and accident compensation.

Ministry of Social Development website. Information on NZ social supports.

Information and support for the rainbow community.

Information and support for the rainbow youth community.

Full information about your privacy rights from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Information about your rights under the Health and Disability Code.

Information about local primary health organisation services.

Information about local Kaupapa Maori Services.

Information and decision support around prostate screening in NZ.

Mental health and wellbeing online support and resources.

Helpful Health Contact Phone Numbers


0800 376 633 or text 234


0800 543 435 or a text support service  HELP 4357

Need to Talk

Free call or text 1737


0800 611 110


Support to stop smoking 0800 667 665