We offer medical examinations for Immigration NZ .

Immigration services

Nelson Family Medicine is one of the clinics in the Panel Physicians Network which offers medical examinations for:

  • Immigration New Zealand

  • We NO longer provide Immigration Medicals for Australia.

If we are unable to accommodate you we can direct you to another clinic that does this work. However there is no clinic in Nelson that can offer Australian Immigration Medicals.

What is involved?

Identity check:

You must bring your current passport to your appointment (certified copies are not accepted) and we will take a passport type photo of you.

Medical History and Examination:

Allow an hour for this. You will need to remove outer clothes, but not underwear, for the examination. You may ask for a chaperone at the time of booking.

We can also provide you with an interpreter but this is an additional cost.

Download our Immigration Medicals information.

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